Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marimekko Kaiku

One of the jobs I aimed to finish during the Apartment Therapy Spring Cure (the deadline for which has long since passed!) was to  make a frame for my large piece of Kaiku fabric and stretch the fabric over the frame. 

Finally just under 2 years since I purchased the fabric we have it on the frame ready to be hung! I can't take much credit for this though. My husband did all of the construction work of the frame and lets face it most of the 'staple gunning' too while I watched. 

I love this fabric so much. It reminds me of the time my husband I spent together in Finland during our honeymoon. It was autumn at the time and the birch leaves were turning from green to lovely shades of gold and beginning to drop. I took lots of photos of them but in an unfortunate turn of events we lost them. It became a priority for me to buy this Marimekko fabric which really did remind me of the beauty of Finland. 

This is how we... well... he... did it :)

A frame was made which he joined using dowels (and wood glue) and reinforced the corners with small pieces of ply.

We covered the frame with cheap calico (about $5 a metre from Spotlight) using a staple gun to attach it to the frame. This was so that the Marimekko fabric wouldn't wear against the sharp edges of the timber and eventually rip and also because the Marimekko fabric was translucent and we didn't want the frame behind to be visible.

Finally we used the trusty staple gun again to stretch the fabric over the 'canvas' we'd made.

I'm very pleased with the results! Here it is waiting to be hung under the skylight in the main thoroughfare of our house (opposite our open-plan kitchen). 

FYI I purcahsed my fabric from Textile Arts in the USA who (at the time) had the best price on this fabric and shipping that I could find. Honfleurhome also stock Marimekko fabric and I have also purchased from them online before. Both companies gave excellent customer service! 


  1. Stunning! The piece is just the right proportions for the wall it's on. Wish we had a big empty wall for something like that *sigh*

  2. oh i love it! It looks great! :D Makes me think it's time for me to get some nice fabric and hang something on the wall behind my couch. Thinking about vinyl stickers though... what are your thought on those?


  3. looks fantastic - I have this print in the shower curtain and I just adore it. It came from The shipping to australia is quite spensive so i just had to buy up!