Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Cure Success

As I said previously I didn't quite get my guest bedroom finished which I was hoping to do in the Apartment Therapy Spring Cure but I am really happy with my study. I've already posted some pictures below but I wanted to post what I'm most happy with - the vintage tram scroll which we have displayed on our wall.

Last year, my Dad who is a rescuer of many interesting things gave me a vintage trolley bus destination roll/blind from Brisbane (my home town) which he had been given years ago and held on to.

I love vintage, nostalgia and typography and I have sentimental interest in many of the destinations listed on the blind (they represent where I live, where I have lived and where many friends and family currently live). So I wanted to display it in my house - the problem was that at just under 4m long at full length it was far too long to display on a wall in one piece. I really didn't want to cut it up into pieces so we scratched our heads about it for a while but we came up with a solution we were happy with.

We bought two Ikea TUPPLUR blinds and attached the blind to either end and fixed it on the wall. We removed the ball chain from the bottom roller but kept it on the top so that we could 'scroll' through the destinations. This solution meant we didn't have to cut the blind and so could display it in one piece. In fact we can change the destinations displayed.

Destination blinds have been given a bit of a bad rap lately with people saying they're becoming a ubiquitous item of decor in peoples' houses (or more specifically in the Apartment Therapy home tours!) but even if it's not your thing this is an idea that could be applied to other long items you want to display - artworks, fabric, banners etc.

Overall it was a simple solution, not horribly expensive and we're very happy with the result :)


  1. it looks great! Bravo! I really didn't know how you would display it without cutting it - or running it lengthways across the wall!.


  2. I have two of these signs myself. I love them and yours are great!!!

  3. I've never seen these before...charming!

  4. That is lovely? can you buy them? my hubby is from brisbane too- we'd love one too!

  5. Wow! This is so clever!

  6. Hello Little Green Haus,
    I have a very similar Brissie destination blind myself - it is all in one piece (about 10 metres long). We used the Ikea Grundtal kitchen rails to hang ours. Rolled up on either end very similar to your own blind. Isn't it great that you can keep changing the different destinations! I must admit I have only changed mine twice but it's nice to have the option. I love them, so graphic and a little piece of our city's history.