Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hooray for long weekends and PROGRESS

Two long weekends back to back. WOW. It's been fantastic. I honestly don't know how I'll cope next week working 5 days rather than 4 though!

We've put the extra time we've had to good use - we've finished painting the study which means we're right on track to finish the Apartment Therapy spring cure. Originally I planned to have 2 rooms done (the study and guest room) but the guest room needs a bit more time and a bit more work so stay tuned for that one.

We painted the study plain white which is what we've done throughout the rest of the house. It's really amazing how much white can brighten up a space. The study was a cream colour and although that's not particularly dark when you compare it to the white you can really see the difference!

Tomorrow I plan on cleaning the louvres, hanging the new panel curtains and swapping the black leather cushion on our Ikea Poang chair for a white fabric cover. While I'm doing this my husband will be working at a solution for hanging our vintage tram scroll using roller blind hardware from some cheap Ikea blinds.

Then will come the last step - moving all the furniture back in and adding the final decorative touches.

In other news my husband has made me a cute graphic for the blog which you can see at the top. It's an illustration of the front of our 'little green haus' and I love it. Thanks!

Also whilst waiting for the paint to dry we visited our favourite antique centre in Brisbane the Woolloongabba antique centre. The visit was successful and I picked up a vintage Arabia 'plum' jam pot. I was really pleased!

Image from Arabia Museum

This is the fourth pot I have in my little Arabia collection.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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  1. I agree, although not much difference between white and cream, white makes such a difference because of it's light reflecting qualities - it's amazing! My house was painted in various shades of purple and rancid cream and looked what an old lady prision might look like - but now thanks to white - it looks airy and bright!