Monday, March 22, 2010

Useful ONLINE tools for the Cure

Today I had a very busy day at work. I'm quite exhausted. I had plans around emptying the study and doing some basic preparations like wall-washing for painting on the weekend but I don't think I'm up for any of that physical work. So I'll turn my attentions to some of these online tools I have found that are helping me plan the big cure!

Here are some tools I have found that are useful. I hope you find them useful too!

  • Sproost Style Quiz which I found from reading the blog The Zhush. This quiz requires you to look at a series of photos of interiors and rate them according to how much you like them. It then narrows down your style to a description which can help if you direct your research for inspiring images. According to this quiz I'm 80% Modern Elegance and 20% Nantucket style. I'm from Australia so I don't really know what Nantucket style means so it's something for me to research and I'm going to follow the blog.
There was some serious eye-candy on the blog and now I'm going to share some of it with you before we move on!

All images via Sproost blog

  • Another quiz can be found at Homegoods StyleScope which Belinda Graham blogged about on The Happy Home. This quiz is written by Deborah Needleman who was the editor for Domino magazine which sadly I never got the chance to buy in Australia (however I do now own the book which I think is fabulous). Today I did the quiz and was "Modern Elegant" but I have done the quiz before and got "Earthy Modern"!
Here's a picture of Deborah's living room which is really quite beautiful. Her style is apparently Bohemian Classic.

Image via The Happy Home Blog via NY Mag
  • ImageSpark I am totally challenged when it comes to Photoshop or any other graphics software. I am pretty handy with computers but I honestly am lost when it comes to all the little tools and buttons you need to press to edit graphics. That's why I like ImageSpark so much. I can make up a little moodboard with no effort at all. I downloaded the plugin for FireFox so I can just right click and add images to my library and then rearrange them to make a moodboard. Try it!
  • This has nothing to do with the cure but what the heck I'll mention it anyway. Picnik is the easiest, cutest graphics program whatsit I've EVER used. I use it to resize and correct images because as stated earlier, I'm useless with other graphics programs.
  • This Colour Palette Generator is really useful to pull colours from an image you like. It's mainly used for web design but I printed out the results and used it as swatches when buying home wares to match my Marimekko Kaiku fabric which I'm making into a large scale wall hanging. I'm sure there are others like this out there but this does the trick quite nicely!
I've heard about some iPhone apps - I'm off to check them out just for fun!

Well they're the online tools I've found helpful! Do you have any to share? Please do! :)


  1. Hi Catherine

    I found your blog via Vogue - and I wanted to say good luck with the Cure! I also love Apartment Therapy, and my absolute favourite posts they do are the Cure ones! I've never participated before, but you've inspired me to think maybe I could?

    All the best for the process - I look forward to seeing what you come up with, as we have similar aesthetics, I love your mood board pictures!


  2. Participate Tori! Keep me company hehe :)

  3. Hi Catherine! I found you! :P I thought "wow, this sounds just like cather.... hang on a minute! IT IS!"
    Fantastic idea for a blog. It makes me think that maybe i should spend a bit more time thinking about the space i live in too. Our house is so cluttered with junk, clothes, books, baby goo, and nowhere to put anything. We LITERALLY don't have any built in cupboards anywhere bar the kitchen. So for a couple of hoarders it's a living nightmare! I'll be reading more to find out what you do in your already gorgeous home. And i might steal some ideas too.

    Sarah c