Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today (and briefly yesterday) I went shopping for homewares. I checked out Target (Australia), Ikea, Howards Storage World and Freedom.

Ikea and Freedom are probably my favourite for homewares but can I say that Target has really surprised me lately! Recently I picked up an over-the-bath caddy for about $30 (AUD people...) It was made of bamboo and matches my bathroom perfectly. I also bought a new bathmat in a lovely teal blue colour for about $20. I was really impressed.

This weekend I focused mainly on the Cure project - the study and guest bedroom. I had the most success in Ikea where I purchased a new cushion for our Poang chair and foot stool. It was a hand-me-down from relatives and is currently black leather which doesn't suit the light, airy feel of our house. The one we bought is very simple and white:

Image from Ikea Australian website

Since it's so light I plan on being very liberal with a can of scotch guard!

At Ikea I also selected some new panel curtains for the study. We currently have a combination of these and plain, dark grey panels. We are thinking of changing to either the Amorf or some plain white woven panels which we saw that don't appear to be on the Ikea website! With the bamboo detail the Amorf are not quite as plain as the alternative but I do worry about dust catching on the bamboo.

I'm trying to avoid patterns/contrast because I tired of the last combination really quickly. Also they did scream 'Ikea'. We will have to purchase 6 panels to cover our 3 sets of louvres so it's not a decision I'm entering into lightly! I'll wait until the room is properly painted.

Any thoughts about the panel curtains?

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  1. Really love the Ikea panel curtains! Almost purchased them for myself, but the measurements didn't quite work in my space.