Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Target bargains

I mentioned the other day that I'd been enjoying some reasonably priced purchases from Target. Here's my latest acquisition which I think was exceptionally good value - a Modern Living Photo Gallery (8 frames in a pack, various sizes) for $34! That's about $4 a frame!

Here's the picture from their catalogue which I think ends soon.

Just be aware I did have to get down on the floor of Target and unpack multiple boxes (checking for flaws) before I got one that was perfect. You've been warned!

And what do you know there are others busily snapping up bargains at Target too! Check out Vintage Modern Home!

Now RUN! :)


  1. Haha, total case of jinx! I went looking for those exact frames but my local target was out of stock. They are an absolute bargain!

  2. Had to pop into the city for a work seminar, they had a black set in stock! Woot!

  3. Oh wow, I wonder whether they still have these?