Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Making a Floor Plan

If you're following the official Apartment Therapy cure clock it's week 2 now which means if you're doing a one room remedy it's time to design a floor plan.

I've mentioned before I am seriously challenged when it comes to graphics software. I was thinking how am I going to possibly do this!? I decided I'd do a quick Google search and find what floor planning tools were available online and then possibly resort to using Google Sketchup (which is still probably beyond me!)

Fortunately I stumbled upon
Floorplanner which might just be the best thing ever. It's dead easy and easy to share! I can see myself tinkering with this for hours much like a child moves furniture around in a dollhouse!

Here's an ultra quick 2D mockup I did of my study using Floorplanner.

Oh and if you're wondering what those weird yellowy-white flowery things are they're pendant lights (Norm style ones!) This was the only kind of pendant I could select. In reality I have Foto from Ikea pendants. I loved that this had some popular furniture styles built into it!

Want to move it all around and visualise it in 3D? Click Here to visit my floorplan online! Here's a sneak peak:

It's a work in progress and I'll definitely be working on it. I actually guessed the room size as being 5m x 3m. I was close at 4.6 x 3m. It'd be good to put accurate measurements in for the room size, space the windows out correctly and measure up the Ikea Billy bookshelves.

How do you make your floor plan? I'd love to find out what other tools are out there!


  1. Hi Catherine, love the blog! Just wondering where you sourced your Apartment Therapy Home Cure book from?

  2. Hi Meg I bought my copy a couple of years ago from a Brisbane book store called Riverbend Books where I had them order it for me. You can get it online though and I know fishpond.com.au has it!