Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lounge room inspiration and the official 'TO DO' list!

So I've had 2 weeks now to get my planning done. I've created a style tray, played around with floor plans and gone shopping for the things I need to complete the study / guest room project. Now I need to start thinking about the actual hands on stuff to tackle the project. This is where I wish I could channel Faux Fuchsia who is excellent at actioning projects. She once painted every stick of furniture in her home white in one day. Yes, one day!

And as I mentioned in the last post my Spring Cure just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I've decided to do a quick living room update. Here's my inspiration:

Marimekko Kaiku Fabric - image from Scandinavian Design Centre

Isn't it a peaceful scene? It reminds me so much of my time in Finland. In fact I sought out this fabric in Finland from the Marimekko outlet but unfortunately due to the exchange rate at the time it was more expensive to buy it there than from an American online retailer!

I love the cushions in this photo. The fabric is from Australian company Ink and Spindle who make high quality printed fabrics on organic cotton. I found their website through The Wall Sticker Company who make the large scale birch wall sticker in that picture. Apparently they collaborate on designs. I thought the cushions would go great with the wall hanging and would also match my couch (which looks so similar to the one in the picture that I think it may even be the same!). I've procured myself the fabric so now all I have to do is make the cushions. Simple really if I had ANY sewing skills! Oh well this is a learning experience after all...

I also want to procure this coffee table for the lounge room. It would match our other oak furniture well (and we don't currently have a coffee table!)

Offi 'Scando' coffee table in Oak - Image from Apartment Therapy

I like that I could keep magazines in the bend!

Anyways enough of the pretty, fun stuff! Back to the real work that needs to start soon!

Because I'm a list maker by nature here's my list of things to do which I hope I will be regularly checking things off!

  • Prep study and guest room for painting (sanding, filling gaps etc)
  • Paint walls and trims (white)
  • Clean louvres thoroughly
  • Hang new panel curtains in study
  • Paint vintage bedside tables white and update hardware
  • Move book cases into study and attempt to group books in a way that doesn't make the room look like an old book exchange - perhaps group by type and then colour?
  • Fit new cushions to Ikea Poang chair and footstool
  • Hang wall art (vintage tram scroll)
Wish me luck!

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