Thursday, March 18, 2010

Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2010!

I am a long time reader of Apartment Therapy and a huge fan. When I first bought the Home Cure book I was so excited for the time when I could participate in a cure. I set out with the best of intentions but unfortunately I didn't get too far.

We began major renovations in our house which meant it was unliveable for a couple of months. A positive step towards the home we wanted but not an environment conducive to decorating.

The next fall cure rolled around and again I was excited. I jumped on the forum announced to everyone what I was planning to do but I was really already overwhelmed by the work we had to do following renovation so again, I couldn't make much of a dent.

This year I have no excuse. I've started this blog to journal my progress and hopefully if I get a few readers I'll also be accountable and have to finish projects I start! I hope that this is a step towards spending my spare time at home more purposefully. By that I mean getting more things done around the house and turning my home into the sanctuary it could be if I just spent the time.

And without further ado here are my before and after photos of my study and guest room which are the rooms I hope to have revamped by the end of the cure!

I don't like this leather poang chair but I would like some other kind of chair here to relax on. The view is through to a spare bedroom which we recently obtained a bed for. The whole room needs to be painted.

View of my desk etc. Yes I know it's a huge mess. I need to really declutter this area and give it some personality. I have bookshelves I need to put around the desk.

The guest bedroom. Part of the wall in this room was replaced during the renovation hence the 2 tone effect. Room needs to have the bar fridge removed, painted, furnished nicely and the bed dressed.

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